Learner Success Story

Amanda Fisher

“The staff and the learners made me feel

so welcome, right from the start – it made

me enjoy the learning more.”

Learner Success Story

Bethany Donnelly

“Coming to in2wrk has given me loads of

confidence, and I think alot of that is

down to the excellent tutors.

Learner Success Story

Cheryl Keough

“Places like in2wrk don’t judge you on 

what qualifications you didn’t get at school, 

they’re here to help you just like they helped me”

Learner Success Story

Deanna Drage

“If I hadn’t come I wouldn’t have

got the qualifications I needed and

I wouldn’t be on my way to doing

the course I want to do”

Learner Success Story

Denya Wright

“I want to go the university to study

Midwifery.  Doing a maths course at

in2wrk is allowing me to do that!”

Learner Success Story

James Addison

“I want to earn as many qualifications

and do as much learning as I can, so I 

find the sort of employment I want.”

Learner Success Story

Joy Stafford

“I saw in2wrk as a place where I could

further my learning, take some exams

and update my CV.”

Learner Success Story

Laura Roberts

“Go to in2wrk, find a course and get

in touch.  Your confidence levels will 

grow and you’ll get all the support you need.”

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