Popular Refer a Friend campaign earns Hull learner £60 just in time for Christmas!

15-12-17 Jack Johnson 0 comment

One of our Hull learners received a bonus when he gained £60 in Love2Shop vouchers just in time for Christmas! Peter Read took advantage of our Refer a Friend campaign and three of the people he recommended achieved at least one nationally-recognised qualification with us.

Peter Read came to our Hull centre with his sights set on obtaining a new job within security, and he felt that his qualifications could do with an upgrade.

“I strongly felt that I should come back and brush up on my education since I left school in 1968,” Peter admitted.

“I didn’t really learn much in school so I had a strong instinct to come back here.”

Although Peter is due for retirement next year he’s adamant to work for as long as he can.

“When I told people I was coming back into education they all said ‘you’re coming up to retirement, why do you need this?’ So I told them that as long as I’m fit and healthy I can do a good day’s work!”

During his time at our Hull centre Peter gained qualifications in English, maths and IT.

“I went right back to the beginning with my English and completed my Entry Level 3. Same with maths, which was far from my best subject at school, but I got my Entry Level 3 for that too. I also finished my Level 1 IT which I found very difficult at first because I’d never used a laptop or desktop computer before.”

Whilst completing his learning, Peter was full of admiration for the friendly staff at our Hull centre.

“They’re so professional and really good at their jobs.”

“If I was ever unsure about anything they would help me and put it in a way that I completely understood.”

Peter received £60 worth of vouchers as part of our Refer a Friend campaign after recommending three people to our centre, including his daughter Soraya.

When we asked why he wanted to refer people to in2wrk, Peter had nothing but praise for our Hull centre.

“The tutors are brilliant and so is the training you provide and how you help people who are stuck.”

“You won’t find a better place to learn than here.”

With £60 worth of vouchers just in time for Christmas, Peter is looking forward to treating his family.

“I’ve got loads of christmas presents to buy, especially for my grandchildren!”

We wish Peter the best of look in his job search and thank him for all his hard work during his time at our Hull centre.

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