Think Employment: our company is a-changin’

10-07-18 Jack Johnson 0 comment

For more than a decade we’ve been focusing our attention on helping people improve their numeracy, literacy and digital knowledge so they stand a better chance of finding a career they want.

But earlier this year we started thinking bigger.

Instead of just offering English, maths and IT courses – like we have done for years – we started branching out into practical pre-employment training that meets the needs of local people and employers.

Soon we realised that this kind of training was having a positive effect on the people doing the training and the local businesses recruiting employees.

That’s because our training packages in Business Admin, Warehouse & Storage, Hospitality and the like, actually provide skills and qualifications which are highly sought after by employers in those sectors. 

From this month we’ve been working with local employers to offer apprenticeships, too; starting with the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and later in the year, Software Development.

To mark this exciting delivery change, we decided that we needed a name that said more about who we are as an organisation and what we’re trying to achieve – and as we’re encouraging people to think about careers they’d like to pursue, we thought Think Employment ticked all the boxes.

We’ll still be delivering important English, maths and IT courses, because they’ve always helped to improve people’s allround employability.

But now we’re also going to be focusing on providing training that meets the needs of the local economy, just as much.

That’s why our company is a-changin’.

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