July Jobseeker of The Month

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With hundreds of people participating in adult learning in our eight centres across the country at any one time, we get to meet a lot of people at in2wrk.

Some come to improve their work-based skills or to enhance their knowledge of the English Language, Mathematics and IT. Some even come to claim an Employment Pathway, so they can get back to work in their chosen industry quickly.

Over the years we’ve seen all types of learners, but once in a while someone really catches our eye… so much so we offer them a job ourselves! This is the story of Anna Rudnik, our Jobseeker of The Month for July.

Initially referred to us by Southern House Jobcentre in Leeds, Anna was keen to complete two IT programmes at our Hunslet learning centre and progress on to the Sage Bookkeeping Course. Although her past experience in the workplace wasn’t in an administration role.

“For a long time I’d been working in Hospitality when I lived in London and more recently Leeds,” she explained.

“But I thought that the time was right for a career change.”

Anna started her learning programme in June and became very comfortable in our Hunslet learning centre, quickly building a rapport with her fellow learners and in2wrk Tutors.

In just a few weeks, she’d completed the ECDL Level 2 course and the Sage bookkeeping qualification she’d been so keen to get for herself. 

However, Anna really enjoyed her time in our learning environment and even found the time to help her fellow learners with parts of their programmes that were proving difficult. This was something that didn’t go unnoticed by Patrick Woods, the Lead Tutor in our Hunslet centre.

“Towards the end of my studies, Patrick told me that there was a job for a Support Tutor available, so I handed in my CV, had an interview and got the job,” Anna told us.

“I finished my last day as a learner on Friday and returned the following Monday as a member of staff!

In2wrk’s Operations Manager, Fiona Wright, who interviewed Anna on the Friday, was bowled over by the former Publican’s confidence.

“We had some cakes in the interview room and at the end of the interview Anna just grabbed one. She wasn’t intimidated by the situation at all, just the type of confidence needed in a busy centre,” she said.

Although she’d not considered Tutoring as a potential career path before Patrick mentioned the job vacancy, Anna believes her past experience working in hospitality and, most importantly, with people, will stand her in good stead.

“I hadn’t thought of it as a career before, but I really like what in2wrk stands for and with my background I think I’d cope well with the types of people who come to our centre,” she explained.

“I’m looking forward to understanding all the systems and paperwork involved in the job and becoming a fully trained Support Tutor.”

Anna also mentioned that she was pleased to get her IT and Sage qualifications but being offered a job at in2wrk was “the icing on the cake”.  

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