How Jackie Wood was offered six jobs in one day!

28-02-18 Jack Johnson 0 comment

In such a competitive job market, it can be difficult to find a job if your CV isn’t up to scratch. This was the case for Jackie Wood, who was struggling to find work before coming to our centre. But after achieving three nationally-recognised qualifications, she was offered six jobs in one day! That is why Jackie is our Jobseeker of the Month.

Jackie first came to our Hull centre in August last year to gain some qualifications and boost her CV. Jackie wanted to improve her English, maths and IT skills as she was aware that her job search was becoming tricky without them.

During her time at our centre, Jackie achieved her Level 1 Maths qualification and Level 2 English and IT qualifications. A huge achievement for Jackie, who struggled with an ongoing health condition.

“When I first came to the centre I was really nervous and I felt like a failure,” Jackie admitted.

Jackie was unable to sit for long periods of time and needed to attend regular appointments for treatment of her condition. Due to this, Jackie had to miss some sessions of her learning. However, she did not let this affect her progress!

“I found the learning very interesting and after completing my first course I gained a lot of confidence.”

Whilst at the centre, Jackie applied for a number of jobs. After completing her final course she was offered a staggering six jobs in one day! This was a huge reward for all the hard work and dedication that she had put into her learning.

With six jobs to choose from, Jackie decided to take the role of Fuel Oils Assistant for Riz Petroleum in Hull.

“I really enjoy the job and the other people in the office are really nice.”

“It wasn’t the highest paid job I was offered but it did seem like the best choice for me.”

With a brand new career on the horizon, Jackie was thankful to the tutors at in2wrk Hull for all their help.

“The ladies in the centre were wonderful and very helpful, I never felt like a burden to them.”

“When I was interviewed, I told the Managing Director about the learning I had done with in2wrk and how much I had enjoyed it and how supportive the staff were.”

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