Doncaster learners to get ‘work-ready’ thanks to partnership with Ignition Training

13-12-17 Jack Johnson 0 comment

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Ignition Training. The collaboration will allow Doncaster learners to access more opportunities and gain valuable workplace training.

Based in Doncaster, Ignition Training is a pioneering training centre that combines employability preparation with a real working garage; allowing people to gain experience and skills in a real workplace setting. They also provide opportunities to gain accredited qualifications and a reference.

Since the establishment of Ignition Training in 2014 they have secured employment for over 50 disadvantaged individuals by providing them with a positive environment to learn. As the training centre operates as a working garage, it offers their learners a chance to gain transferable skills in a real life working environment.

This is something Dave Brazer, Director of Ignition Training, says is a core component of the training centre.

“We wanted to do something that would effect lasting change,” Dave said.

“Ignition isn’t just about mechanics, it’s about employability. We use this process to teach our learners key employability skills. It’s getting them work-ready, that’s the important thing, I think that’s the missing link.”

Ignition Training are unique because their learners can also receive personal support and counselling as well as acquiring practical skills.Through this new partnership, we hope to work with Ignition to help learners achieve key qualifications such as English, maths and IT, as well as being able to send our learners who have an interest in pursuing a career in mechanics to Ignition.

“It’s all about knowing where to send people for their specific needs. Whether they need extra support or extra qualifications.”

“I think that we can work together to support people in a positive way.”

We’re really looking forward to working in partnership with Ignition Training and helping more people within Doncaster to upskill and become work-ready.

To find out more about Ignition Training and the work they do in the local community visit their website, follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook

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