Soraya is learning how to top the Google rankings with our Digital Marketing workshop

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Becoming self-employed can be a difficult task. Especially if you’re not equipped with the Digital Skills to help you market your business online. Being able to create an online presence for your business is key, as is knowing how to correctly monitor it. That’s why Soraya Read, one of our Hull learners, has joined our Digital Marketing Skills workshop.

Soraya was referred to in2wrk by her father, Peter, as she dropped out of school before gaining her qualifications. Soraya is one of more than 16,000 students that are absent from school due to bullying each year.  

“I was one of those people that never liked school. I was bullied so I dropped out meaning I didn’t get the qualifications I needed,” Soraya admitted.

During her short time at in2wrk Hull, Soraya has already completed her Level 1 maths and was quickly put through for her Level 2 in IT.

“I think I impressed Alison by doing so well, because I already have network marketing experience, she put me straight through for my Level 2 IT.”

“Then Andy suggested that I should try the Digital Marketing Skills course.”

Soraya has always wanted to be a Professional Makeup Artist and has recently started working as an Avon Representative but was keen to gain the Digital Skills to create and market her own business.

“I set up my own business with Avon in August and I’m really enjoying it.”

“I have around 50 customers and I do door-to-door sales as well as marketing on Facebook.”

“I’m not able to generate much traffic on my Facebook page though, so I’m not getting much business through it. It’s mainly through my door to door sales.

However, as Soraya is five months pregnant, it is becoming more and more difficult for her to rely on her door-to-door sales. Which is why she is keen to enhance her Digital Marketing skills, as she explained:

“I’ve got my online shop and my website, but the reason I wanted to the Digital Marketing course is because there’s still things that I don’t know about that I would like to know.”

Our Digital Marketing Skills workshop offers both general and specific knowledge on different digital marketing techniques. Skills that Soraya has found extremely useful.

“I’d like to know how to get the right keywords, which I was learning about yesterday. It’s fascinating as I didn’t really know anything about that before.

“I also learnt how to set up a website and get it to number one on Google listings!”

As well as being positive about the qualifications she’s gaining, Soraya was also very complimentary about our tutors and the help she’s received within the centre.

“I love it here, even with the stress of being pregnant,” she joked.

“Brenda is absolutely brilliant. She’s very kind, thoughtful and caring and she goes above and beyond her job role.”

“I recommended my partner to come here because it’s a really relaxed learning environment and it’s perfect for someone like me who didn’t enjoy school and needs to gain qualifications.”

We wish Soraya the best of luck in creating her own business and have faith that our Digital Marketing Skills workshop will have equipped her with the skills to do it.

There are still places available for our Digital Marketing Skills workshops in Leeds. So if you want to improve the quality of your CV or gain valuable skills to help you become self-employed, book onto our Digital Marketing Skills workshops by calling 01482 935 867 or by completing the form below.

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