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If you want a job in the manufacturing and warehousing sectors, this FLT training package is for you. During the course you’ll get a licence, so you can legally operate an FLT, and four other sector-specific qualifications. Interested? Keep reading…

The forklift is one of the most important machines in manufacturing, warehousing and construction. For decades they’ve been the go-to piece of equipment for lifting and moving heavy loads and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. In 2013, almost one million new trucks were sold around the world, confirming their place at the heart of the industry.

So being able to operate one of these commonly used machines is a real plus if you’re looking for a career in the sector. It’s no surprise that employers will be more inclined to employ someone if they already have the skills and qualifications required to operate a forklift truck. Not only will it help them on the job, it will also save their business money in staff training.

Our pre-employment training course provides its learners with all the knowledge they need to know. In just a month, they’ll get the all-important license needed to operate a truck and four other useful qualifications that will help you secure employment. Here’s a closer look at what’s included in our package.

Forklift Licence

This Certificate is very much the headline event of the training package. As it will allow you to begin applying for industrial transport jobs.

Across a full week, learners will receive the skills needed to operate a truck safely and with confidence. The course is aimed at people with little or no previous experience using a forklift truck. So if you don’t know your Counterbalances from your Side Loaders, don’t worry. You will by the time you’re awarded an RTITB certificate, the regulatory body of choice for transport training.

Employment in Warehousing & Storage

With much of this kind of work being in the Warehousing sector, it’s important to be able to prove knowledge in the area. And this course will provide learners with the skills, experience and qualifications required.

Learn how to operate key equipment, process orders, stay safe and dispatch goods. At the end of the classroom-based course, you’ll receive a qualification from Highfield. And you’ll be better equipped for roles in the industry.

Customer Service

Want to know what to do when dealing with customers? This course will provide you with the skills needed to work in a range of roles in modern employment. Learn how to understand customers and employers, develop relationships and resolve challenging problems.

Even though Warehousing jobs don’t involve much interaction with customers, it doesn’t mean that those skills would be overlooked. In fact, a Customer Service qualification will prove you have the qualities to go the extra mile in your work. And employers will love that.

Job Search & Digital Skills for the 21st Century

With the majority of jobs now being advertised online, if you lack digital skills it can be a daunting prospect applying for them online. So, being able to search for the job you want, attach a CV and fill out application forms is absolutely vital.  

This course reflects the key components you will need to develop your digital ability. By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped with the digital skills needed to search for jobs online confidently.

Social Media for Employment Opportunities

Being able to use social media to find employment opportunities is becoming more and more important. Put simply – having the ability to use different social media platforms can really help with a job search. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, are a great way to find job vacancies and connect with potential employers.

This course will help you gain the skills you need to be efficient using social media for employment.

Make your CV stand out from the crowd

After you’ve completed this three-week training course you’ll have an FLT licence and four new qualifications. This collection of awards and certificates will be sure to make your CV catch the eye of a potential employer. Not only will it communicate that you can operate a truck, you also have storage skills, can lead a team and talk to colleagues and customers. If this doesn’t give you the edge over another candidate – what else will?

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