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Hoping for a career in catering, hospitality or care? We can offer you a Food Hygiene certificate through our Employment Pathway programme.

If you’re interested in working in a cafe, bar, restaurant, hotel or care home, employers will be looking to see if you’ve got an up-to-date Food Hygiene certificate when they’re looking at applications for jobs.

Imagine ruling yourself out of a job before you’ve even gone for the interview; that’s effectively what people are doing without this qualification!

During the short online course, you’ll learn about the importance of foot hygiene in the workplace and receive the knowledge required to prepare food safely and professionally.

Regardless of the sector you’re interesting in gaining employment, if you’re going to be handling or preparing food, you need a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.

Fortunately, if you haven’t already got one, we can help…

The qualification

On completion our Food Hygiene course you’ll receive a full Level 2 qualification.

Having this Certificate on your CV won’t only look good, it’ll also give you the edge over someone applying for the same role. That’s because a Food Hygiene qualification is the industry standard and a Level 2 qualification – whatever the subject it’s in – will alway impresses employers because it’s the equivalent to a GCSE graded at A-C. So it proves to employers that you know your stuff.

How to claim?

We’re able to offer the course to people free of charge, but in return you need to complete the suggested free educational programmes in English, maths and/or IT.

Providing you haven’t already achieved Level 2 qualifications in all of these subjects and you pass our eligibility criteria, we’ll be able to give your CV a boost but providing training in the areas you have a recognisable skills shortage and then progress you on to the Food Hygiene course.  

Am I eligible?  

-19 years old or older as of 31st August

-Lived within the EU for a minimum of three years

-Already have a reasonable level of both written and spoken English

Making an enquiry…

It’s dead easy. If you’re interested getting the Food Hygiene qualification so you can find work in your chosen sector, fill out the form below and someone from our team will be in touch with you very soon.  

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