In2wrk offers a free digital marketing course to help jobseekers in Yorkshire find work

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In recent years there’s been lots of rhetoric about the ‘digital skills’ gap and how businesses in the UK are going to struggle to find people able to survive in the modern workplace.

But how much have you noticed being done to help people upskill so they can plug this digital hole?

And what about the 2.5 million-plus jobseekers in the UK at the moment – who’s trying to help them find work in this exciting and important sector?

Step forward in2wrk and their pioneering digital marketing and IT literacy workshops which are totally free for jobseekers in Hull and Leeds.

A little about the providers…

If you weren’t already aware, in2wrk are one of the most well-respected adult training providers in the north of England. For more than a decade, we’ve been helping people in Greater Manchester, Leeds, Wolverhampton, Doncaster and Hull to improve their career prospects by delivering free English, maths and IT training, as well as vocational programmes. But in 2017 we decided to develop a unique digital course that would help turn unemployed people into candidates for the growing number of roles that now require knowledge of digital marketing.

What do you learn on the course?

In the 21st century, administration jobs don’t consist of answering the phone and handwriting customer details on company ledgers anymore, everything is now online. That’s why people need to be able to use the internet, send emails, create files and spreadsheets and have the ability to use programs like Word, Excel and Powerpoint – that’s just a given. But as we move into a more sophisticated online era, to ‘get on’ in an organisation, people also need to have a grasp of the basic digital marketing principles. Things like social media and how it can be used to grow a business’s profile, network and generate leads. Also how to build a website quickly and easily and understanding customer relationship management tools (CRMs). These are the things that we teach during the free course which makes us, or more specifically, it, different.

Who is the course for?

It’s for people in Yorkshire who are unemployed. It doesn’t matter if they’re long-term jobseekers who are looking at gaining valuable new skills which could help in their job search or people who’ve recently found themselves out of work and see this as the perfect course to get them to the next stage of their professional development. It’s free to one and all, as long as they’re unemployed. Of course, if you’re not unemployed but still want to do the workshop, you might be eligible. Email [email protected] for more information. 

The types of skills people will take away from this course will make them more employable than the average candidate for a job. It might be that someone who does this course will pip a person who hasn’t to an office job because of the knowledge they received during our two-week workshop. With all businesses needing an online presence – whether it’s a fully-functioning website or just a Facebook business page – they’ll also need someone to monitor it. After taking this course, we expect our learners to be more than capable of being that person.

As well as the in-house professionals this course will attract, the skills we provide are also perfect for anyone who’s ever thought of starting their own business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog sitter with a few regular ‘clients’ or a fully-trained electrician with a passion for going alone, this course has everything in it to help someone get their venture off the ground.

Do you get a qualification, too?

No, you don’t get ‘a’ qualification, you actually get two nationally-recognised Level 2 qualifications! One from NOCN and the other, BCS, the chartered institute for IT.

So in addition to the practical knowledge you’d receive during the workshop (know-how that will help you flourish as a digitally-savvy member of Yorkshire’s workforce), you’ll also get qualifications that’ll catch the eye of employers when they’re sifting through dozens of job applications as well.

Where are the courses and when do they take place?

The first workshop is happening in Hull at the end of November. From Monday 20th, through to Friday 1st December, a cohort of learners will do the 10-day programme at our learning centre in Shirethorn House on Prospect Street.

Then, from Monday 4th December until Friday 15th, we’ll be doing exactly the same in Leeds at our Hunslet centre in Linden House on Sardinia Street.

Are there any places left?

Even though the courses start in just a few weeks, we still have a number of places left on both the workshops. So if you’re an unemployed person, keen on gaining some new skills to help you find employment in this new digital landscape, get in touch. The course is totally free for jobseekers, it won’t cost you a single penny and you’ll learn skills that will open doors to a brand new career. 

For more information about in2wrk’s free digital marketing skills course, call 01472 898 221, or book on a workshop via Eventbrite.

Hull – Week commencing 20th November – Help me become self-employed or Help me improve my digital skills

Leeds – Week commencing 4th December – Help me become self-employed or Help me improve my digital skills 


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