Free IT course for jobseekers that addresses a “need in society”

13-07-18 Zoe Papathanasi 0 comment

We have just developed a new course for jobseekers. It’s for people needing help finding work online and accessing the Jobcentre’s online benefits system, Universal Credit.

The free courses will be delivered throughout July and August, across our learning centres in Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Wolverhampton, Doncaster and Hull.  

It’s no secret that poor digital skills are one of the biggest barriers preventing jobseekers re-entering the workforce.

Thousands of people don’t know how to search the internet for jobs independently. While others lack the confidence to even try.

But soon this problem will get worse when all jobseekers have to access their benefits through the new Universal Credit and ‘Find a Job’ systems.

Perhaps now the need for free entry-level IT training is higher than ever before.

That’s why we’ve acted quickly to develop a course for people who will be switching to Universal Credit.

“We’ve developed a basic IT training course to address this need in society,” Helen Wild, In2wrk’s acting Operations Manager, said.

“We noticed that more and more people were coming to our learning centres needing basic training in IT.

“They asked for simple stuff like how to turn on a computer, use a mouse and use the internet.

“So we put together a programme that gave those skills and qualifications as well.”

Even though we are far from being one of the larger training companies in the UK, Helen thinks we’re the only one to offer this kind of free training.

“When we were devising the training programme, we realised that no one else offered this kind of free training to jobseekers,” Helen told us.

“Which is a surprise because this is something that people genuinely need,” she added.

Our course teaches jobseekers computer and internet basics, how to apply for Universal Credit and use social media to find jobs.

It lasts for two weeks and workshops are taking place at their learning centres throughout July and August.

If you’re interested in the training and would like to know more, email [email protected].

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