10 examples of how we’ve helped learners in Doncaster find work

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Every single day, our dedicated and experienced staff are getting the people of Doncaster ready to return to the job market. In fact, 37% of the people who gained qualifications in our centre in the last 12 months, found work as a direct result of the training we provided for them. That’s more than one of three people. In fact, it’s almost half. For more about this story, click here.

But whether it’s through the actual qualifications that we provide or the work-centred Employment Pathways we offer, we love helping people find work. These are 10 examples of us doing that…

The Self-Employed Roofer

Aaron came to our centre after being referred to us by the Jobcentre. His plan to find work was to increase his computer knowledge by completing Entry Level 3 and Level 1 in IT and then earning a CSCS card through one of our numerous Employment Pathways. He flew through the IT courses and bagged himself a CSCS card. Recently we found out that Aaron started working as a self-employed Roofer – thanks to his CSCS card – and that the IT training he received has helped him when producing invoices for clients.  

The Security Guard

Earlier this year, Simon improved his digital skills with us by completing Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications in IT. That meant that he was able to take part in our CSCS card workshop because he was keen on finding work in the building and construction sector. However, before he could use his new card, Simon found a job as a Security Guard for Total Security Services in nearby Rotherham. The knowledge he learnt in the IT courses helped him with the online application and updating his CV.

The Fabricator

Karl completed the Entry Level 3 and Level 1 IT with us before qualifying for an up-to-date CSCS card, which would allow him to find a role on any building site in the UK. In June, he told us about his new full-time job at West Yorkshire Fabrications limited. Karl used the skills he acquired at Entry Level 3 and Level 1 when applying for the role on the internet.

The Administration Assistant

After 13 years working in an office-based environment, Carol was referred to us by the Doncaster Jobcentre. During the diagnostic test, her digital skills were found to be a bit lacking, despite working with computers on a daily basis for a number of years! Quite quickly, Carol earned herself Level 1 and 2 qualifications in IT and was enrolled on to Sage Bookkeeping course, to enhance her administrative skills. She later found work as a Admin Assistant for Doncaster Royal Infirmary, where she uses her new IT skills when entering data into the Hospital’s computer systems.

The Warehousing Assistant

Also referred to us by the Jobcentre in Doncaster was Christopher. Although he gained A Levels in both English and Maths in the 1970s, Christopher didn’t have any IT qualifications, so he completed Entry Level 3 and Level 1 in IT during his time in our learning centre. A few weeks after gaining his new qualifications, we heard that he’d started working as a Warehouse Assistant at Amazon in Doncaster. He told us that he regularly has to use technology in his job – something he would have struggled to do without the training in2wrk gave him.

The Food Production Operative

Originally Richard came to us to help find work in construction – he hoped that the CSCS card programme we offer would help him find a role on a building site. However, Richard took up our offer of free Maths and IT training, earned himself Level 2 qualifications in both subjects and got a job as a Food Production Operative in Seargent’s Bakery. Richard – who was a conscientious and meticulous learner – also took part in the CSCS card workshop we provided and is still interested in working in construction in the future.

The Delivery Driver

Lasma came to in2wrk Doncaster to improve her Maths and IT skills, so she’d stand a better chance of eventually finding work as a trainee accountant. In total, Lasma received four qualifications with us – one in Maths, two in IT and also the Sage Bookkeeping training – putting her in a much better place to achieve her long-term career goal. In the meantime, Lasma started working as a part-time delivery driver for a Polish restaurant in the city. Now, because of her new skills, she can confidently use maps and find customer’s houses.

The Catering Assistant

We first heard about Claire when she was referred to us by The Work Company. Claire hadn’t worked since the birth of her first child and now wanted to improve her all-round job prospects. In her short time with us, she earned herself an Entry Level 3 qualification in IT, a Level 1 in Maths and a Food Hygiene certificate, which directly helped her land a role in Catering. Since May, Claire’s been working as a Catering Assistant at Sandall Park Cafe and really enjoying it!

The Warehouse Operative

When the Jobcentre referred Diane to us at the start of the year, her aim was to re-gain employment in the Financial/Accountancy sector. So, after completing Level 1 and 2 in IT, she took up our offer of the Sage Bookkeeping Employment Pathway that we offer. But we recently discovered that Diane actually gained employment for DHL/Unilever as a Warehouse Operative. On a daily basis, she uses IT skills she learned in the courses we provide. Without our training, Diane wouldn’t have been able to do the job she does today.

The Ride Supervisor

For years, Ron worked as an Events Operative but at the beginning of the year he was referred to us by the Jobcentre in Doncaster to improve his digital skills. After a short time with us, he completed the Entry Level 3 qualification in IT and gained employment as a Ride Supervisor for John Noyce Amusements. To get the job, Ron had to apply for the position online using email – something in the past he wouldn’t have had the confidence doing. 

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