Digital Marketing course teaches Doncaster learner the skills to become self-employed

10-11-17 Jack Johnson 0 comment

Digital skills are becoming more necessary in the modern workplace. Our pioneering digital marketing course provides learners with key skills to help them stand out to employers, as well as give them sufficient knowledge to become self-employed. Which is exactly what Bradley Schooner, one of our learners in Doncaster, wants to achieve.

Bradley, aged 43, found out about our digital marketing course through our Facebook page.

“I’ve built my own websites and have been studying internet marketing on my own but I thought this was a good opportunity to get on and get something solid as a qualification,”  Bradley said.

Over the past 20 years, Bradley has been involved in many different jobs but now has a clear goal in mind of what this digital marketing course can help him achieve.

“I’ve worked in in every industry you can think of really. I’ve been in and out of work as a Labourer work mainly, but I’ve also done project management as well.”

“But I’d like to learn how to improve a website so it’s of the standard Google is looking for.”

As Bradley has already created his own website, he is keen to use his new skills in order to improve his existing work.

“I made my own website for music, so I’m going to be optimising that and looking at my competitors. Then I’m going to build a website to help other people to do the same thing to their website.”

Our digital marketing course offers both IT skills that everyone needs and specific digital marketing skills, such as how to manage websites and identify any weaknesses. Something Bradley found very interesting:

“That’s what I’m interested in, how to research a website and identify what’s wrong with it.”

“I’ve been waiting for a course like this for a few years now so I’d say jump on it if you’re interested.”

Bradley also mentioned how the support and knowledge of our experienced staff was very beneficial.

“If you don’t know, or your knowledge is limited, the tutor, Andy explains it from the ground up. It’s helpful to have some knowledge to begin with but if you don’t it’s not a problem, he talks about the basics as well. ”

We know that Bradley will be able to utilise his newfound skills and achieve his goal of becoming self-employed – all as a result of attending our free workshop.

If, like Bradley, you want to gain digital skills to help you become self-employed or even to help enhance your current job prospects, book onto one of out digital marketing courses by calling 01482 935 867 or completing the form below.

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