From unemployed to an Advanced Medical Technician in the Ambulance Service

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Often, not having good English and maths qualifications can be what stands between you and your dream job. Here at in2wrk, we provide free English and maths courses to help people achieve their career goals. That’s why Chris Dunning – our Jobseeker of the Month – originally came to our learning centre in Hunslet.

In the spring of this year, Chris came to us looking to improve his English and maths skills. He was very aware that his chances of finding work had suffered due to not having Level 2 qualifications in the areas that employers often require.

Chris began studying towards a Level 2 Maths qualification and admitted to finding it quite challenging at times. However, Chris persevered and attended the centre everyday, often staying later than many of his peers, in order to gain the qualification.

Chris quickly became a very popular member of the group and since leaving the centre has remained friends with a lot of the other learners. During his time with us, he’s not only boosted his confidence but also enlarged his social circle.

In August, after four months of claiming jobseekers allowance, Chris’ life completely turned around when he completed his Level 2 maths qualification and was offered a job as an Advanced Medical Technician with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Chris was very positive about his experience in our Hunslet centre and how his new qualification has helped in his new career.

“My new Level 2 in maths not only fulfilled the criteria for my new job, but it gave me the confidence to use my new skills whilst dealing with medicines and medical equipment,” Chris told us.

Chris now works full-time for the Ambulance Service but that hasn’t stopped him from wanting to further his professional development. On his day off, Chris still comes into centre to complete his English Level 2 qualification as this will enable him to move into Paramedic training.

“I’m so glad I came to the Hunslet centre. I now have a job, qualifications and a whole new circle of friends. I would recommend it to everybody,” Chris said.

Chris may have been our Jobseeker of the Month but there are many learners across our nine centres that are proving day in, day out that our qualifications enhance people’s job prospects.

Elizabeth Walters, one of our Doncaster learners, came to us to gain her Food Hygiene Certificate as well as improve her IT skills. After completing her IT qualification Elizabeth began her Level 2 in Maths. However, before Elizabeth was able to fully complete her Maths qualification she was offered a full-time job within Retail.

“If I found myself out of work again, I would definitely like to be able to continue my learning with in2wrk as I felt this method of learning was very accommodating,” Elizabeth said.

Julia Hall, one of our learners in Bramley, wanted to gain IT and Maths qualifications. After completing her Level 1 in IT, Julia decided she wanted to progress further and soon completed her Level 2. Afterwards she embarked on her Level 2 in Maths which again she soon completed. Julia has since been offered the position of Nursery Officer at Willow Tree Nursery in Pudsey.

“I gained good qualifications, help and guidance during my time at in2wrk which gave me the confidence to apply for the job I really wanted,” Julia said.

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