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In2wrk have been in the adult training business for a long time. In fact, almost 15 years!

In that time we’ve become one of the largest providers of learndirect courses in the whole of the UK – helping thousands of people gain important qualifications and skills and re-enter the job market better equipped to find work.

Our programmes have been designed to suit the specific needs of our learners – that’s why we’ve established ourselves as one of the go-to providers of adult training in the North.

Every year we deliver around 5,000 qualifications to our learners, across our eight learning centres in Greater Manchester, Yorkshire & Humber and The Black Country.

We welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures at our learning centres. Likewise, our experienced staff also come from a variety of backgrounds and possess a range of skills. However, what truly unites us is a passion for people and delivering training that actually increases employability.

We at in2wrk love helping others to achieve their true potential. Whether that’s of a provider of adult educational courses, or an employer.

We’ve always been a big believer of self-development and like to think of ourselves as a compassionate, empathetic and progressive employer that always put people first.

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Please note: We do not offer ESOL courses.

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