African learner improves job prospects by gaining three IT qualifications

05-07-18 Zoe Papathanasi 0 comment

African learner, Kibrom Twelde-Kifle, gained three IT qualifications from in2wrk Hull to help improve his chances of finding work in an administrative role.

Back in October, Kibrom decided he wanted to improve his IT skills to better his chances of finding employment after he completed his MBA. After talking through his options with his work coach at Aspire-Igen, Kibrom was referred to us. He enrolled on the Entry Level 3 IT qualification which gave him the basic knowledge he needed to prepare him for higher levels.

Whilst completing the Entry Level 3 qualification, Kibrom really struggled, but with a lot of perseverance he was able to achieve his qualification and move up to Level 1.

During the Level 1 qualification, Kibrom made a large number of notes during his learning, which became a running joke between him and the tutors. He wanted to ensure that he thoroughly understood each element of his learning. This level of dedication continued when Kibrom moved up to the Level 2 qualification.

“I wanted to make my CV as competitive as possible and to support my MBA with improved IT skills,” Kibrom told us.

Halfway through completing his Level 2 course, Kibrom lost contact with his family who were still living abroad. This took a lot of time and concentration away from his learning but he still attended the centre as much as he could so he could complete his qualification.

Despite struggling at times with his learning, Kibrom was pleased that he had the chance to come to our centre.

“I found the learning very comfortable, it was clear and practical and the staff had a really friendly approach.”

Since gaining his qualifications, Kibrom has begun volunteering for the Red Cross as a Caseworker. He is hoping to gain more administrative experience in the UK which will put his new IT skills and his MBA to good use.

“At the moment I am volunteering the British Red Cross as a Caseworker. I’m gaining administrative experience as well so I can learn how the systems work in the UK to give me a gateway to look for a job in similar organisations.”

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